Lorelei Mucci

Harvard University, USA

Lorelei Mucci work has been focused on cancer epidemiology research in two major areas: dietary acrylamide and prostate cancer risk and progression. In 2002, the Swedish Food Administration reported for the first time the finding that elevated levels of the substance acrylamide were detected in commonly consumed foods. Since acrylamide is characterized as a probable human carcinogen, this finding led to concern that intake of foods containing acrylamide could increase risk of cancer. The research has sought to address this public health issue. Related to the work on acrylamide, Mucci has contributed to several journal articles, been an invited participant at multiple research symposia, and was a Coinvestigator on two successful grant applications. Mucci's major research area currently focuses on biomarkers of prostate cancer incidence and survival within three cohorts: the Physicians Health Study (PHS), Health Professionals Follow-up Study (HPFS), and Swedish Watchful Waiting cohorts. Mucci is part of a multidisciplinary team of investigators using array-based technologies to evaluate tissue biomarkers at the RNA, DNA, and protein level. This cross-disciplinary effort seeks to develop molecular signatures to distinguish indolent from aggressive prostate cancer, and also to provide insight into the biology of prostate cancer risk factors and progression. The projects are undertaken in concert with the DF/HCC Prostate Cancer SPORE, of which he is an active participant and from which he has received multiple research awards. Mucci is also the Project Director of a population-based twin study of prostate cancer, nested within the nationwide twin registries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland of 150 000 twins. Moreover, Mucci has developed collaborations with prostate cancer researchers at the University of Iceland, serving as an Adjunct Professor, and where they are undertaking initial studies to compliment our current investigations of prostate cancer.

Biography Updated on 28 December 2009

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