David Kieda

The University of Utah, USA


Dave Kieda was born in Johnson City, New York USA, in 1960. He received the S.B degree in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1982 working in superconductivity with Prof. M.L.A. MacVicar, and the Ph.D. degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1989 working with Prof. K. Lande, M.Cherry, and R. Davis, Jr. Since 1990, Dave Kieda has worked in the field of gamma-ray astronomy and particle astrophyiscs at the University of Utah. From 1997-2007, Dr. Kieda was the Director of the Utah High energy Astrophysics Institute. Presently, he is a Professor and Chairman of the Department of Physics and Astronomy. He is mainly interested in experimental/observational GeV/TeV gamma-ray astronomy, including AGN, supernova remnants, dark matter annihilation, starburst galaxies, and cosmic ray origin. He also is working in the fields of stellar imaging in the U/V band using intensity interferometry, and use of optical/IR studies of AGN to examine galactic evolution and dark matter/dark energy using baryon acoustic oscillations. Dave Kieda is the founder and organizer of the yearly SnowPAC conference series on particle astrophysics, astronomy, and cosmology, and a full member of the AAS, APS, and Sigma Xi Societies. He currently serves as Chair of the Four Corners Section of the American Physical Society.

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