Jose Luis Gonzalez De Aguilar

Université de Strasbourg, France

Jose Luis Gonzalez De Aguilar obtained his Ph.D. degree in biological sciences from the University of Cordoba, Cordoba, Spain, in 1996. He serves as an Associate Professor of animal physiology at the University of Strasbourg, Alsace, France. He received the Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale Chair of Excellence in neuroscience. Gonzalez De Aguilar started his career by studying regulatory aspects of the amphibian hypothalamopituitary axis in response to environmental changes. He joined the Institute of Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry at the University of Strasbourg, Alsace, France, to work in the field of neurodegenerative diseases. Since then, his studies have been dealing with the understanding of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. In collaboration with the Center of Neurochemistry of Strasbourg, Gonzalez De Aguilar's initial investigations concentrated on the development of synthetic neurotrophic substances with neuroprotective properties. By applying global profiling approaches, including transcriptomics and metabolomics to both patients and related animal models of disease, Gonzalez De Aguilar is currently in charge of a research program devoted to the identification of molecular markers of clinical relevance that also sheds light on the underlying mechanisms of motor neuron disease.

Biography Updated on 30 November 2013

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