Valentina Klochkova

Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia


Valentina Klochkova is a permanent astrophysicist at the Special Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, since 1970. She graduated in 1970 from the State University, Rostov-Don, and received her Ph.D. degree in astrophysics in 1985 at the Toravere Observatory, Estonia, and her D.S. degree in 1992, SAO. She is a Professor, the Head of the Astrospectroscopy Laboratory SAO, and a Member of Ph.D. and D.S. Attestation Committee. Since 1992, she has led some graduation papers and Ph.D. works. She gives lectures on stellar spectroscopy, stellar evolution, and chemical evolution of galaxy for graduate students. Her main scientific interests are stellar evolution, stellar spectroscopy, nucleosynthesis, chemical evolution of galaxy, origin and evolution of stellar magnetic fields. She has 330 publications, 228 are refereed papers. Her known research project was focused on spectroscopy of the peculiar Bp-, Ap-stars inside the open clusters and stellar associations of different age aiming search for evolutionary variations of stars fundamental parameters and magnetic fields. Her main current project is concentrated on far-evolved stars in the post-AGB stage; protoplanetary nebulae and related objects. In the course of the program, new spectral data for a sample of stars with dusty and gaseous circumstellar envelopes were obtained at the 6-meter telescope SAO. The objects' brightness is near the sensitivity limit of large telescopes for high-resolution spectroscopy.

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