Isabel Bravo Portela

IEO - The Spanish Institute of Oceanography, Spain

UNIVERSITY DEGREE: University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 1981. In Biology. Ph. D.: University of Vigo, Barcelona, Spain. 2005, with the work titled: “Study of ormer toxicity (Haliotis tuberculata) from Galician coast with main interest on cytohistochemical location”. Current position: Scientific Researcher working in Toxic Phytoplankton Department. This group has extensive experience on taxonomy, physiology and ecology of microalgae. She has participated in many national and international research projects, the last, for instance: “SEED” ( and EBITOX (Study of the biological and toxinologic aspects of benthic dinoflagellates asociated with risks to the human health). Her research interest lies primarily in toxic phytoplankton ecology and their bloom dynamics. Due to be involved on projects related to Harmful Algal Blooms, much of her work is concerning noxious phytoplankton and includes the effect of anthropogenic disturbances in coastal ecosystems which could promote the increasing of harmful blooms. Her current expertise is mainly dinoflagellate biology focused on life history and the process involved in their reproduction.

Biography Updated on 22 January 2012

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