Michael Ladomery

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, University of the West of England, United Kingdom


Michael R. Ladomery is an Associate Professor of Biomedical Science at the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, with over 20 years of research experience in the area of RNA biology and posttranscriptional control of gene expression. He received the Ph.D. degree in molecular biology from the University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK. Highlights of his Ph.D. work include a study of Y-box protein: RNA interactions and cloning and biochemical characterization of the Xenopus RNA helicase Xp54/DHH1. During his postdoctoral years, he investigated the RNA-binding properties and posttranscriptional roles of the tumour suppressor zinc finger protein WT1. Highlights of his WT1 research include one of the first ex vivo uses of siRNA, demonstrating that WT1 plays a major role in multiple steps of kidney development. His laboratory is currently interested in the regulation of alternative splicing in cancer, with emphasis on the growth factor VEGF, the oncogene HER2 in breast cancer, the oncogene ERG, and the androgen and insulin receptors in prostate cancer. Highlights of recent work include the elucidation of the mechanism of regulation of alternative splicing of VEGF into pro- or antiangiogenic isoforms through the action of WT1, the splice factor kinase SRPK1, and its substrate, the splice factor SFRS1.

Biography Updated on 23 October 2012

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