Eric M. Wassermann

National Institute of Neurological Disordes and Stroke, USA

Eric M. Wassermann was born in New York City in 1956. He works as a Neurologist specialized in neurobehavioral disorders with a background in clinical neurophysiology. His education and training includes Swarthmore College, the University of Pennsylvania (the M.A. degree in biology with C. R. Gallistel), New York Medical College (M.D.), the Boston City Hospital (neurology), and the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (Fellowship in human motor control, with Mark Hallett). After early work on self-stimulation reward in rats, he restarted his research career after clinical training, studying the physiology of the human corticospinal system and then his interests led him to the control and selection of action and frontal lobe disorders. He became a leading authority on transcranial stimulation and neuromodulation techniques. His current experimental activity is mainly focused on the role of the human reward system modulating activity in the motor cortex and related cortical areas, and the effect of reward pathway lesions on procedural and explicit learning, fatigue, and motivation. Other interests include the development of new techniques for accelerating neuroplasticity and learning. His clinical research is mainly in the area of traumatic brain injury with a concentration on military populations. He holds the rank of a Captain in the US Public Health Service and serves as a Governmental Expert on medical countermeasures for chemical terrorism.

Biography Updated on 23 January 2011

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