Miguel Angel Medina

University of Málaga, Spain

Miguel Angel Medina received the Ph.D. degree in biology in 1989. Since 2009, he has been a Full Professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Malaga, Spain. He has published so far more than 170 research articles in international scientific journals submitted to peer review and more than 50 articles, chapters of books, and books devoted to science divulgation and/or science education. His areas of expertise are as follows. (i) Main field: modulation of angiogenesis; systems biology; metabolic modeling; rare diseases. (ii) Other fields: plasma membrane redox systems in tumor and endothelial cells; membrane transport systems; relevance of nitrogen compounds (amino acids, polyamines) in endothelial and cancer cell proliferation and invasion. (iii) Current research interest: search for compounds with modulatory effects on angiogenesis; characterization of the structure/function relationship and turnover mechanisms of L-amino acid decarboxylases in eukaryotes: molecular basis and pharmacological implications; anti-inflammatory strategies; application of bioinformatics, biophysical and systems biology approaches to the study of polyamine and biogenic amine metabolism and to the systemic study of rare diseases.

Biography Updated on 5 March 2012

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