Philip E. Thorpe

University of Texas Southwestern, USA

Philip E. Thorpe is a Professor of pharmacology and a Member of the Simmons Cancer Center and the Hamon Center for Therapeutic Oncology Research at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Tex, USA. Professor Thorpe holds the Serena S. Simmons Distinguished Chair. Thorpe’s expertise in drug targeting, vascular targeting, and most recently, antiviral research, is well known; his work has been published more than 180 times including his most recent publications in the Nature Medicine, the Science, the Cancer Research, and the Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences. He is an inventor of more than 280 issued and pending US and international patents. His ongoing research is supported by the NIH, the United States Department of Defense, and different charitable foundations. His work is also supported by a sponsored research agreement with Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc., Tustin, Calif, USA. His long-standing collaboration with Peregrine has culminated in the company initiating clinical trials of bavituximab, a therapeutic antibody directed against the lipid, and phosphatidylserine. Phase II trials are in progress in patients with metastatic breast cancer and lung cancer, using bavituximab combined with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Clinical trials are also underway in patients in which bavituximab is being used to target exposed phosphatidylserine on virally infected cells and viruses in patients with hepatitis C virus and human immunodeficiency virus infections. Professor Thorpe has been awarded the American Cancer Society Award of Excellence, the Texas State Legislature Award, and the Pierce Immunotoxin Award. Thorpe received his Ph.D. degree from the Clinical Research Centre, London, UK, in 1976. Before completing his training in immunology, he attended the University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK, for pharmacology.

Biography Updated on 25 January 2009

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