Angela Corcelli

University of Bari, Italy

Angela Corcelli is a chemist, with 30 years of research experiences in the field of membrane biology. She has been Professor of physiology at the University of Bari, Italy, since 1986. After studying the transport of sugars, amino acids, and ions in membranes isolated from epithelial cells, she moved in the field of membrane biochemistry of extremely halophilic microorganisms. She has investigated novel biochemical aspects of the archaeal proton pump bacteriorhodopsin with particular interest in the lipid-protein interactions. In collaboration with Morris Kates, she discovered and elucidated the structures of the archaeal analogs of cardiolipins and the halocapnines of halophilic bacteria. Her studies on cardiolipins have shown that the levels of archaeal cardiolipins in membrane fluctuate in response to osmotic stress and that the same phenomenon occurs in bacteria, such as Rhodobacter sphaeroides. Being interested in the lipidomics, she has exploited the potentiality of mass spectrometry in the study of membrane lipids developing methods to directly analyze lipids in isolated membranes avoiding the steps of isolation and chromatographic separation by means of MALDI-TOF/MS. She is presently involved in the study of dynamics and the functional role of cardiolipins in biomembranes.

Biography Updated on 23 October 2012

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