Umberto Veronesi

European Institute of Oncology, Italy

Umberto Veronesi is a surgeon who has devoted the greater part of his professional life to exploring new pathways of research with the aim of improving the treatment and quality of life of cancer patients. In the last twenty years he has devoted his interests to breast cancer prevention, conducting two major randomized studies aimed at reducing the risk of breast cancer in normal women by means of retinoids and tamoxifen. Very recently he has re-evaluated the procedures of postoperative radiotherapy after breast conserving surgery, introducing the technique of intraoperative radiotherapy. He has been awarded “Honoris Causa” in Medicine by Argentinean (Buenos Aires, Cordoba), Brazilian (Rio Grande do Sul), Greek (Athens), Belgian (Antwerp), and Polish (Kracow) Universities. In May 2003 he was awarded “Honoris Causa” in Medical Biotechnologies from the University of Milan (Italy) and in March 2005 in Physics, also from the University of Milan. In December 2006 he was awarded “Honoris Causa” in Agricultural Sciences from the University of Naples (Italy) and in October 2007 he was awarded “Honoris Causa” in Medicine from University of Lleida (Spain). In November 2009 he was awarded “Honoris Causa” in Pedagogical Sciences from University of Genoa (Italy). In March 2003 he was awarded the “2003 King Faisal International Prize” from Saudi Arabia. In 1994 he was appointed President of the “Committee of Cancer Experts” of the Commission of European Communities. Veronesi is the author of more than 755 scientific publications and 12 oncological treatises. He was Scientific Director of the European Institute of Oncology - Milan, Italy from May 1994 to April 2000. He was entrusted with the post of Minister of Health in the Italian Government from April 2000 to June 2001. On July 1, 2001 he resumed the position of Scientific Director of the European Institute of Oncology. Since April 29, 2008 he has been a Senator of the sixteenth Italian Parliament.

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