Maria A. Papathanasopoulos

University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa


I am currently an Associate Professor and coDirector of the HIV Pathogenesis Research Laboratory and Genotyping Unit, Department of Molecular Medicine and Haematology, School of Pathology, Medical School, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. My overall research objectives are to increase the knowledge base of HIV-1 subtype C pathogenesis through basic research that can be translated into novel drug and vaccine design. Research interests for the HIV Pathogenesis Research Laboratory include phenotypically and genotypically characterizing HIV-1 circulating in South Africa, to understand the impact of subtype diversity on vaccine development, and the emergence of antiretroviral drug resistance on treatment outcome, biological characterization of recombinant HIV-1 Integrase, and the development of HIV-1 envelope glycoproteins as vaccine immunogens. The Genotyping Unit is a SANAS accredited, WHO affiliated facility which performs genotyping for clinical trials such as ACTG, PASER, IAVI, HPTN, basic research in virological factors associated with treatment failure, and all routine patient samples requiring antiretroviral drug resistance testing.

Biography Updated on 16 April 2013

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