Khaled Shahwan

Chrysler Technology Center, USA

Khaled Shahwan serves as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Automotive Composites Consortium (ACC)—a division of USCAR—and Chairman of the Predictive Technology Development and Advanced Lightweight Materials’ Energy Management Group. Dr. Shahwan is a world-recognized expert and an industry leader in state-of-the-art virtual methodologies and engineering for advanced lightweight composites and automotive safety technologies. He is a Leading Chrysler Specialist in light weighting and advanced computational methodologies for passive and active safety technologies. Prior to joining Chrysler in 1999 Dr. Shahwan worked for many years at Ford’s Research Labs and Advanced Engineering organizations, as well as a senior engineer on various consulting and R&D projects. Dr. Shahwan is a Member of the Advisory Board for the School of Engineering, San Francisco State University (SFSU), San Francisco, Calif, USA, and serves on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Engineering Mechanics, International Journal of Vehicle Design, International Journal of Vehicle Safety, and Advances in Materials Science and Engineering. He is an elected Associate Fellow of the AIAA and has served on various international and doctoral committees. Dr. Shahwan has over 40 peer-reviewed publications, over 40 corporate and industry-government collaboration reports and publications, and he is a Member of several international societies (ASME, SAE, SAMPE, ASC, and AIAA). Dr. Shahwan holds a Ph.D. degree in aerospace engineering, an M.S. degree in aerospace engineering, an M.S. degree in civil and environmental engineering (all from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich, USA), and a B.S. degree in civil engineering from SFSU.

Biography Updated on 2 January 2013

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