Motoko Unoki

Kyushu University, Japan

Motoko Unoki received a Ph.D. degree in molecular medicine from the University of Tokyo, Japan in 2003. She then spent a year working on UHRF1, which links DNA methylation status and histone modification status, at the University of Tokyo. Since 2004, she had worked for four years in NCI, NIH, Md, USA. During the four years, she generated several oncomiRs' transgenic mice and also examined p53-related proteins. Then, she moved to RIKEN, Japan and examined functions of UHRF1 in carcinogenesis. Since 2010, she has been on the Faculty of Kyushu University. She is continuously examining functions of UHRF1. Her specialties are molecular medicine, epigenetics, and histone modifications.

Biography Updated on 17 October 2011

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