Xavier Roizard

École Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et des Microtechniques, France

1988 : Mechanical Engineer (Ecole Supérieure en Sciences et Technologie - Nancy - France) 1992 : PhD - Speciality : Tribology in Deep drawing 1993 : Lecturer in University of Franche-Comté - France ; Mathematics Teacher and Tribology Searcher in Department of Applied Mechanics - FEMTO-ST - Besançon - France 2001 : Accreditation diploma to supervise research - Speciality : Surface functionalization for tribological applications PUBLICATIONS (the last five) : 1. Characterization of the surface properties of polypyrrole films: Influence ofelectrodeposition parameters, T. Patois, B. Lakard, S. Monneya, X. Roizard, P. Fievet Synthetic Metals 161, pp. 2498– 2505, 2011. 2.Microtribological and corrosion behaviors of 1H,1H,2H,2H-perfluorododecanethiol self-assembled films on copper surfaces, T. Patois, A. Et Taouil, F. Lallemand, L. Carpentier, X. Roizard, J.Y. Hihn, V. Bondeau-Patissier, Z. Mekhalif Surface and Coatings Technology 205 (7), pp. 2511-2517, 2010. 3.Experimental device for tribological measurement aspects in deep drawing process X. Roizard, J.M. Pothier, J.Y. Hihn, G. Monteil Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Vol. 209, Issue 3, pp. 1220-1230, 2009 4.Numerical prediction of punch wear in the context of blanking process of copper alloy thin sheet H. Makich, J. Chambert, P. Picart, G. Monteil, X. Roizard International Journal of Material Forming, N°1, pp. 551-554 2008 5.Metrology of the burr amount - correlation with blanking operation parameters (blanked material – wear of the punch) H. Makich, L.Carpentier, G. Monteil, X. Roizard, J. Chambert, P. Picart International Journal of Material Forming, N°1 pp. 1243-1246 2008

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