Johannes Crezee

University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Johannes Crezee received the M.S. degree in experimental physics (Free University, Amsterdam), 1986 and the Ph.D. degree with thesis “verification of thermal models” (University of Utrecht, The Netherlands), 1993. Crezee's research focuses on the improvement of quality of hyperthermia treatment delivery and emphasis on new system design and hyperthermia treatment planning. Crezee is expert in bioheat modeling. From 1988 to 1999, Crezee's research at UMC Utrecht includes (i) representation of blood flow in thermal models used in hyperthermia treatment planning, (ii) development of an interstitial hyperthermia device with spatial power control, and (iii) clinical application of interstitial hyperthermia for brain and prostate. From 2000 till present, Crezee is conducting research at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam with emphasis on system design and treatment planning. Crezee is the Project leader of several projects funded by the Dutch Cancer Society KWF, including (i) KWF AMC 2002-2622 development of a dual modality hyperthermia technique for esophageal cancer, (ii) development of a new 8 antenna deep hyperthermia system for pelvic tumors, (iii) KWF UVA 2006–3484 optimization of regional hyperthermia delivery using hyperthermia planning, (iv) KWF project on improved temperature reconstruction technique based on treatment planning to be used during superficial hyperthermia (UVA 2007–3841), and (v) KWF project on improved treatment delivery using treatment planning and MRI data (UVA 2010–4660). Other projects include (i) Principal Investigator for hyperthermia research at the AMC (2008 till present), (ii) Secretary Hyperthermia Working Group of the Dutch Cancer Society (2008 till present), (iii) Quality Assurance committee of the Interdisciplinary Working Group Hyperthermia (IAH) of the German Cancer Society (2010 till present), (iv) Collaborator ISTC project 3996 “simultaneous radiation and heating” (2010 till present), (v) Secretary M&A de Kock Foundation (2011 till present), (vi) Board European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology (2011 till present), (vii) 2010 Dr. B. B. Singh Award, Indian Association Hyperthermic Oncology and Medicine, and (viii) Keynote lecture at 2010 meeting European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology.

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