Rocco Caliandro

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy


Rocco Caliandro received the Ph.D. degree in physics, and he is Researcher of the Institute of Crystallography, CNR. He worked for six years in high-energy physics, collaborating with the design, setting up, data taking, and data analysis of experiments WA97, NA57, and ALICE and carried out at the SPS synchrotron of CERN (Geneva). Since 2002, he is involved in crystallography, where he gave substantial contributions to a wide scientific area: he developed new phasing methods for small molecules by single crystal and powder diffraction data, innovated powder crystallographic techniques by developing the modulated enhanced diffraction approach, and renewed all the modern methods for protein crystal structure determination. Regarding this latter issue, he developed more efficient methods for ab initio phasing based on the deconvolution of the Patterson map and molecular replacement. He contributed to implement the new theoretical approaches into computer packages, thus offering to the crystallographic community efficient and easy-to-use tools for structural investigations. Recently he started new activities: protein crystallization, structure solution of protein-ligand adducts of pharmaceutical and biotechnological interest by X-ray diffraction, structural investigations by X-ray absorption spectroscopy technique, and quantitative analysis of polymorphic mixtures by X-ray powder diffraction. Starting from 2010, he is collaborating with the German School for Simulation Sciences (GRS) of Jülich in using and developing computational techniques to simulate the function of proteins (molecular dynamics, homology modeling, and docking). He has published 97 papers on peer review journals listed by the Journal Citation Report (H-index 20, 26.8 citations per paper), 54 contributions to conferences published in scientific journals, and 5 book chapters.

Biography Updated on 1 July 2013

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