Maher Karam-Hage

University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, USA


My interest in addiction is focused on the specific areas of alcohol, tobacco and comorbid disorders. In the last 11 years (post training), I have designed, got funded and carried over my own study on bupropion for alcoholic smokers, I have collaborated on more than 10 clinical trials as co-investigator and study physician. That is in the area of psychopharmacology of addiction on tobacco and/or alcohol. In addition, I find clinical practice to be a unique and fertile ground to generate interesting and relevant clinical research questions: It is the ultimate venue for true translational research. The relationship of alcohol and sleep disturbances propelled me to look for an agent that can help alcoholics with their sleep difficulties (with no addictive potential), hence my published work with gabapentin. The need for augmentation of pharmacotherapy for smoking cessation in some patients who made progress while on Chantix or bupropion, prompted me to add one agent on to the other, in my clinical practice. Currently I am collaborating with Paul Cinciripini, PhD on a NIDA funded grant combining the two medications for smoking cessation. Finally, the need for some patients taking Chantix for an extra help when they are down to the last 3-4 cigarettes/day, prompted me to increase their dose beyond the usual 2 mgs/day, resulting in a good response for about a 1/3 of them without additional side effects. We are in the process of disseminating the latter information; albeit, further validation by a randomized trial is needed.

Biography Updated on 4 December 2011

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