Stuart A. Newman

New York Medical College, USA

Stuart A. Newman serves as a Professor of cell biology and anatomy at New York Medical College in Valhalla, NY, USA. He received an A.B. degree from Columbia University and a Ph.D. degree in chemical physics from the University of Chicago. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Theoretical Biology, University of Chicago and in the School of Biological Sciences, University of Sussex, UK and an Instructor in anatomy at the University of Pennsylvania. He has been a Visiting Professor at the Pasteur Institute, Paris, the Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique-Saclay, the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, the University of Tokyo, Komaba, and was a Fogarty Senior International Fellow at Monash University, Australia. He is a Member of the External Faculty of the Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research, Altenberg, Austria. Newman's work in developmental biology includes a proposed mechanism for patterning of the vertebrate limb skeleton based on the self-organization of embryonic tissues. His work in evolutionary biology includes a theory for the origination of the animal phyla. This is suggested to have been driven by new physical morphogenetic and patterning effects set into motion when the products of the ancient developmental toolkit genes first came to operate on the multicellular scale in the late Precambrian-early Cambrian. He is coauthor of the textbook Biological Physics of the Developing Embryo (Cambridge University Press, 2005), coeditor of the books Origination of Organismal Form (MIT Press, 2003) and Multiscale Modeling of Developmental Systems (Current Topics in Developmental Biology Vol. 81; Elsevier, 2007), and is a member of the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Biosciences (Bangalore) and Biological Theory (Altenberg).

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