Deh-Ming Chang

National Defense Medical Center, Taiwan

Deh-Ming Chang graduated from the National Defense Medical Center in 1981. He earned his M.S. degree (biology) from Harvard Medical School, USA, in 1990, and his Ph.D. degree (health education) from National Taiwan Normal University in 2007. He also studied in Rheumatology/Immunology, Brigham, and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA, as a Research Fellow from 1988 to 1990. Professor Chang has been the Superintendent of Tri-Service General Hospital since 2005 and became the Dean of the Institute of Life Sciences and President of the National Defense Medical Center in 2007. Professor Chang has received many awards and honors for his work, including the outstanding research awards from the National Science Council and the Merck Foundation. He is a Member of the National Boards of Medicine, Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, and Immunology, and a Fellow of the American College of Rheumatology, the American College of Angiology, and many other national and international societies, including the APLAR Special Interest Group. Professor Chang has taken many committee positions with national rheumatology and immunology associations, and has been on many advisory boards. Currently, he is on the executive committee of the Taiwan Society of Internal Medicine, and the Association of Rheumatology. He is also the Chairman of the National Physician Examination and the current President of the Chinese Society of Immunology. Professor Chang has served on the Editorial Boards of the Chinese Medical Journal, the international advisory board, APLAR Journal of Rheumatology, the Expert Reviewer of Clinical Immunology, European Journal of Immunology, Journal of Inflammation and Critical Care Medicine; Editorial Review of the Journal of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery, and the Chairperson of the Journal of Medical Sciences. He has authored and coauthored over 180 papers in peer-reviewed journals, and made many national and international presentations.

Biography Updated on 13 September 2009

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