Ferruccio Colombini

Università di Pisa, Italy

Ferruccio Colombini was a student at the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa in 1965. He got the Laurea degree (Summa cum Laude) from the University of Pisa in 1969 (Ennio de Giorgi as thesis supervisor). Colombini worked as a Full Professor of mathematical analysis in 1980, first at the University of Trieste, then at Padova, and finally in 1986 at Pisa. Colombini served as a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Paris 6, Paris 11, Rennes, Bordeaux, Bonn, Kyoto, Osaka, Tsukuba, Rutgers, Michigan, and Imperial College. In addition, he has delivered invited plenary talks in many international conferences and has organized several international conferences. He is also an Editor of the proceedings of many of these conferences. He is a Member of the Editorial Committees of Italian and foreign journals. His research activity in the first years was devoted to questions of regularity for quasilinear elliptic systems, minimal surfaces, and homogenization for parabolic and hyperbolic equations. Starting from the late 1970s, he has been interested, in particular, in the Cauchy problem for strictly or weakly hyperbolic equations; in uniqueness problems for solutions of the Cauchy problem for various types of operators; in problems of strong uniqueness for elliptic equations with singular coefficients. In order to consider these arguments, he also studied some related questions for pseudodifferential operators and their generalizations. He has also been interested in the blow-up phenomena for nonlinear hyperbolic systems. During the last years, he has also studied the problem of local solvability for operators of nonprincipal type and uniqueness problems for solutions of vector fields with BV-functions as coefficients. He has been interested in some problems related to Fefferman-Phong inequality and finally in scattering problems for wave equations. On these subjects, he published more than 100 scientific papers; moreover, he collaborates with experts from France, Germany, USA, Brazil, Japan, and Italy.

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