Table 1: Assignment of the independence score based on Karnofsky performance score.

Score (%)CriteriaIndependence score

100Normal. No complaints or evidence of disease.Able to carry on near-normal activity and to work; no special care needed.
Independence Score: 2
90Able to carry on activity, minor signs of disease.
80Normal activity with effort, some signs of disease.
70Cares for self. Unable to carry on normal activity or active work.

60Requires occasional assistance, but cares for personal needs.Unable to work; able to live at home and care for most personal needs; varying amount of assistance needed.
Independence Score: 1
50Requires considerable assistance and medical care.

40Disabled. Requires special care and assistance.Unable to care for self; requires equivalent of institutional or hospital care; disease may be progressing rapidly.
Independence Score: 0
30Severely disabled. Hospitalization needed, but death not imminent.
20Very sick. Hospital admission needed. Active supportive care.
10Moribund. Fatal process rapidly progressing