Table 1: DC subsets in patients with asthma.

Clinical ConditionAltered DC phenotypesReferences

AsthmapDC (HLA-DR+, CD123+) increased in BALF
mDC (HLA-DR+, CD11c+) increased in BALF
Allergic asthmamDC (BDCA-3+, mannose receptor+) increased in BALF[100]
Allergic asthmapDC (BDCA4+) with increased FcεRI in blood
mDC (CD1c+) with increased FcεRI in blood
[101, 102]
AsthmaIncreased DC proportions in peripheral blood[103]
Allergic asthma patients challenged with allergenIncreased pDC and mDC in sputum[104]
AsthmaIncrease in pDC1 and pDC2 expressing FcεRI[105]
Repeated exposure to allergenDepletion of mDCs[23]
Asthmatic childrenDC2 (CD11c−, CD123high+) decreased in blood[106]
Asthmatic patientsIncreased CD1a+ cells in bronchial mucosa[107]
Experimentally elicited allergic rhinitispDC increased in nasal mucosa [108]
AsthmapDC increased; decreased mDC : pDC ratio in blood[109]
Children with asthmaDeficiency of circulating pDC [110]
Atopic patients with chronic rhinosinusitisIncreased FcεRI on DC (CD1+)[111]

Abbreviations: BALF: bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, mDC: myeloid DC, pDC: plasmacytoid DC, BDCA: blood dendritic cell antigen.