Table 2: Measurement of international market orientation.

Interfunctional coordination

(1)We hold an interdepartmental meeting at least once a quarter to discuss market tendencies and development international market (Coord 1).
(2)The personnel of all our firm’s departments hold periodic meetings to jointly plan responses to changes occurring in the international environment (Coord 2).

Information search

(3)We periodically meet with some of our international customers to ascertain their current needs and the products they will need in the future (Search 1).
(4)We systematically gather information on the problems that international distributors may have when marketing our products (Search 2).
(5)We periodically collect information on international distributor satisfaction (Search 3).

Information dissemination

(6)The information on end-user satisfaction is systematically distributed to all sections of our firm (Dissem 1).
(7)Sales or marketing personnel devote a great deal of their time to debating potential future needs of the international customers, both amongst themselves and with the rest of the staff (Dissem 2).
(8)High-level managers discuss the strengths and weaknesses of our international competitors with the other managers in the firm (Dissem 3).
(9)When a staff member has important information on our international competitors, he or she quickly alerts other departments in the firm (Dissem 4).
(10) Any information coming from the international market is distributed to all sections in the firm (Dissem 5).

Response design

(11) We periodically revise our products to make sure they match international end-user needs (Design 1).
(12) Our firm ensures its international market strategy is compatible with our international distributors’ objectives (Design 2).

Response implementation

(13) We offer full information to our international end-users for better use of our products (Imple 1).
(14) We provide relevant information to our international distributors on our international marketing strategy (Imple 2).
(15) We carry out actions to convince our international distributors of the advantages of working with us (Imple 3).
(16) We participate actively in actions that show the social usefulness of our sector to the general public (Imple 4).