Table 1: Model’s steps.


(7) Identify criteriaIdentifies the criteria to be used to evaluate the artifacts and defines the priority of these criteria.
(8) Identify actors and their weightsIdentifies the actors who will expose their points of view, also considering their roles in the decision making process.
Structure(9) Assign prioritization to the criteriaEach actor should assign a weight to the criterion, considering the full test process and not only a specific artifact.
(11) Execute a partial evaluationDuring this step, the values are normalized by placing them on the same base (base 1), in order to perform a equality partial evaluation. This evaluation is derived by multiplying the values obtained from the point of view of the actor for each document by the actor's weight and the criteria priority.
(12) Calculate the general scores of the criteriaIt is the calculation of the median obtained using values resulting from the previous step.