Table 18: Macro results of telecom investments, funded by foreign aid (values in table are % variations of variables with respect to reference period).

VariableDefinitionTelecom (funded by foreign aid )

Ym Aggregate household income0.490.500.650.320.140.82
EV Equivalent variation0.490.500.640.330.170.85
s Wage4.151.261.550.510.321.50
yg Government income12.792.775.134.732.735.53
ye Firms income––0.11–0.83
g Total government expenditure8.851.283.982.611.845.38
It Total private investment–0.050.26–0.450.30–3.46–0.76
e Nominal exchange rate–4.96–1.39–4.27–1.87–11.38–5.51
GDP 0.440.440.550.450.130.42