Table 3: GOCAME core activities and main output artifacts.

Activities (A.)SubactivitiesArtifacts (Work Products)

A.1 Define Nonfunctional requirementsSubactivities include (i) establish information need; (ii) specify project context; (iii) select a concept model.
Note that these (and below) subactivities can in turn be broken down in new ones—see [6] for more details.
Nonfunctional requirements specification (this artifact is composed of (i) information need specification; (ii) context specification; (iii) nonfunctional requirements tree)

A.2 Design the measurementSubactivities include (i) establish entity (optional); (ii) assign one metric to each attribute.Metrics specification

A.3 Implement the measurementSubactivities include (i) establish entity; (ii) measure attributesMeasure values

A.4 Design the evaluationSubactivities include (i) identify elementary indicators; (ii) identify partial and global indicators.Indicators specification (this artifact is composed of (i) elementary indicators specification; (ii) partial/global indicators specification)

A.5 Implement the evaluationSubactivities include (i) calculate elementary indicators; (ii) calculate partial and global indicatorsIndicator values

A.6 Analyze and recommendSubactivities include (i) design the analysis; (ii) implement the analysis; (iii) elaborate the conclusion report; (iv) perform recommendations.Conclusion/recommendation report (this artifact is composed of (i) analysis specification; (ii) analysis report; (iii) conclusion report; (iv) recommendations report)