Table 4: GOCAME role definitions and involved activities.

Role nameDefinition/commentActivities (as per Figure 4)

Quality Assurance (QA) ManagerResponsible for leading a measurement and evaluation project (MEProject in Table 2) regarding the requester needs. Note this role is specified by three subroles as per Figure 5.Note this role is responsible of the activities involved in three specific subroles as per Figure 5.

Nonfunctional requirements managerResponsible for the nonfunctional requirements project. This role should be played by a nonfunctional requirement engineer.(i) Define non-functional requirements

Measurement managerResponsible for leading a measurement project.(i) Design the measurement
(ii) Implement the measurement

Evaluation managerResponsible for leading an evaluation project.(i) Design the evaluation
(ii) Implement the evaluation

Evaluation requesterResponsible for requesting an evaluation. Note that this role can be accomplished by a human or an organization.(i) Define nonfunctional requirements
(ii) Design the measurement
(iii) Design the evaluation

Metrics expertResponsible for identifying the appropriate metrics from a catalogue for each attribute of the requirements tree, based on the established information need.(i) Design the measurement

Data collectorResponsible for gathering measures of the attributes using the metrics specification. Note that the data collector role can be accomplished by either a human agent or an automatic agent.(i) Implement the measurement

Indicators expertResponsible for identifying the most appropriate indicators from a catalogue and to define decision criteria for each attribute and calculable concept of the requirements tree based on the established information need.(i) Design the evaluation

Indicator calculatorResponsible for calculating the indicators values using the indicators specification. Note this role usually is accomplished by an automatic agent.(i) Implement the evaluation

Analysis DesignerResponsible for identifying the appropriate data analysis methods and techniques to be used regarding scales, scale types, and the project/business commitment in addition to visualization and documentation techniques.(i) Analyze and Recommend

Data analyzerResponsible for conducting the data analysis based on the design of the analysis. Note this role can be accomplished by either a human agent or an automatic agent or both.(i) Analyze and recommend

RecommenderResponsible for conducting the recommendations based on the conclusion report and taking into account the business commitment.(i) Analyze and recommend

Results communicatorResponsible for communicating the evaluation results and recommendations to the evaluation requester.(i) Analyze and recommend