Table 2: Descriptive statistics and average based on sample means for neuropsychological tests ( ).

MeanStandard deviationT-score mean

TMT A32.299.4653
TMT B83.6338.8548
Rey-O Copy27.755.2543
Rey-O Recall13.396.0549
Ruff ADA93.276.7041
Ruff CSA90.607.1043

Note. 3MS: Mini-Mental State Exam; TMT A: Trail Making Test A; TMT B: Trail Making Test B; Rey-O Copy: Rey Osterrieth Complex Figure Copy; Rey-O Recall: Rey Osterrieth Complex Figure Delayed Recall; Ruff ADA: Ruff 2 and 7 Automatic Detection Accuracy; Ruff CSA: Controlled Search Accuracy.