Table 4: Comparison of low and high apathy groups on demographic, psychological, neuropsychological, and medical variables.

Test statisticP value

 Heart attack1.540.28
 Heart failure1.030.50
 High cholesterol1.950.32
 High blood pressure0.011.00
 METs 1.02 0.31
 TMT A−1.950.06
 TMT B−1.580.12
 Rey-O Copy−0.620.54
 Rey-O Recall−0.520.68
 Ruff ADA 0.77 0.44
 Ruff CSA 0.57 0.57

Note. AES: Apathy Evaluation Scale; CABG: Coronary Artery Bypass Graft; METs: metabolic equivalents; BDI: Beck Depression Inventory; 3MS: Mini Mental State Exam; TMT A: Trail Making Test A; TMT B: Trail Making Test B; Rey-O Copy: Rey Osterrieth Complex Figure Copy; Rey-O Recall: Rey Osterrieth Complex Figure Delayed Recall; Ruff ADA: Ruff 2 and 7 Automatic Detection Accuracy; Ruff CSA: Controlled Search Accuracy.