Table 2: Ballast pump preventive maintenance procedures.

Weekly(i) Visually inspect pump for leaks
(ii) Clean exterior surface of pump/motor
(iii) Check level of the oil in bearing cavity
(iv) Ensure instruments (gauges) and controls are in good working order
Cost: 0–10

Monthly(i) Run pump for 30 min minimum
(ii) Note and record the following
 (a) Pump suction and discharge pressure
 (b) Frequency voltage
 (c) Amperage
(iii) Check foundations on pump, tighten all loose bolts as needed
Cost: $0–10

Simi-Annually(i) Secure power to unit, use lockout/tagout procedures
(ii) Adjust packing to allow for cooling and prevent excess leak-off as per instructions of engineer
(iii) Lubricate packing as per manufacturer’s specifications
(iv) Grease bearings per manufacturer’s instructions
(v) Restore power to unit
(vi) Test run pump
Cost: $50–80
(labor and materials)

Annually(i) Replace pump with spare from warehouse
(ii) Send old pump to warehouse for repair
Cost: $500

Total 600
Cost of new pump 1400
Savings 800