Research Article

Fast Universal Spectrophotopolarimeter for Robotic Telescopes

Figure 2

Concept of the FUSP. 1: movable mirror with the slit for a transmission of light to TV guiding camera, which may be replaced with the field lens; 2: collimator; 3: double Wollaston prism (polarizer); 4: movable U, B, V, R and white light filters; 5: movable spectral prism; 6: units of light transmission mirrors, movable synchronously with 5 and 8; 7: objectives; 8: diffraction grating; 9: Position-Sensitive detector; 10: EM-CCD. The field lens is used on a telescopes with large relative apertures to achieve wider field of view without vignetting; for systems with smaller D/F ratio it may be omitted.