Advances in Astronomy / 2010 / Article / Tab 1

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The Effect of Tidal Stripping on Composite Stellar Populations in Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies

Table 1

Structural properties of the satellite models after its evolution for  Gyr within the fixed Galactic potential. The first row in the table shows the initial values and subsequent rows show the present-day values for the experiments on Orb1–Orb4. and refer to the best-fitting King profile values to the surface density profile of the luminous components. The last 3 columns indicate the fraction of mass in each component that remains bound to the dwarf in the final configuration.

Orbit (kpc) (kpc) (%) (%) (%)

Initial 100 100 100
Orb1 100 99 44
Orb2 100 88 5
Orb3 100 98 20
Orb4 87 20 3