Research Article

Design, Manufacturing, and Commissioning of BIRCAM (Bootes InfraRed CAMera)

Table 2

Basic data of each lens. Note that the radii are expressed positive or negative because referred to a common coordinate system.

NameMaterialThickness (mm)Radius 1 (mm)Radius 2  (mm)Diameter (mm)

Entrance window (A)Ca 6.00infiniteInfinite60.00
First lens (B)SFTM-1614.0086.0469.0550.80
1st collimator lens (C)SFTM-1620.00−69.05−28.0050.80
2nd collimator lens (D)Ca 35.00−32.6859.6450.80
1st camera lens (F)Ca 30.00−38.7638.7650.80
2nd camera lens (G)SFTM-1620.0028.0069.0550.80
Field flattener (E)Ca 6.0037.00−37.0050.80