Advances in Astronomy / 2010 / Article / Fig 5

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Large-Angle Anomalies in the CMB

Figure 5

Two-point angular correlation function, , computed in pixel space, for three different bands masked with the KQ75 mask (from WMAP 5 year data). Also shown are the correlation function for the ILC map with and without the mask, and the value expected for a statistically isotropic sky with best-fit CDM cosmology together with 68% cosmic variance error bars. Even by eye, it is apparent that masked maps have that is consistent with zero at deg. We also show the computed from the “official” published maximum likelihood estimator-based . Clearly, the MLE-based , as well as computed from the full-sky ILC maps, is in significant disagreement with the angular correlation function computed from cut-sky maps. Adopted from [31].