Table 1: Sample of AME emissivity values for AME detections in a variety of different environments computed relative to the intensity of the 100 μm emission.

Source AME emissivity ( K (MJy sr ) )Reference

HII regions
 6 southern HII  regions Dickinson et al. [14]
 9 northern HII  regions Todorović et al. [15]
 Pleiades Génova-Santos et al. [25]
 RCW49 Dickinson et al. [14]
 RCW175 Tibbs et al. [16]
High latitudes
 15 regions WMAP Davies et al. [3]
 All-sky WMAP Davies et al. [3]
Molecular clouds
 Perseus Watson et al. [5]
 Perseus A1 Tibbs et al. [7]
 Perseus A2 Tibbs et al. [7]
 Perseus A3 Tibbs et al. [7]
 Perseus B Tibbs et al. [7]
 Perseus C Tibbs et al. [7]
Dark clouds
 LDN1621 Dickinson et al. [12]
 LDN1622 Casassus et al. [11]