Table 1: The list of solar flares with X-ray intensity exceeding X > 2.0. The first to third columns of Table 1 correspond to the event date, maximum time of X-ray intensity, and flare size, respectively. The fourth column indicates the ISS location regarding whether on the shadow or sunny side of Earth (X or ○). The fifth column indicates whether solar neutrons are involved in the data. The ○X and X○ notations in the fourth column indicate that the ISS was moving from the sunny side to the shadow side or vice versa 30 minutes from the peak flare time. The ? mark of the fifth column indicates a possible neutron event with statistical significance of less than 3 .

DateMax. X-ray timeClassSatellite positionNeutron existence

Feb. 6, 201018:59M2.9Sun side ○Neutron X
Feb. 7, 201002:34M6.4Sun side ○Neutron X
Feb. 8, 201007:43M4.0Sun side ○Neutron X
Feb. 8, 201013:47M2.0Sun side ○Neutron X
Feb. 12, 201013:47M2.0Sun side ○Neutron X
Feb. 13, 201117:38M6.6Eclipse XNeutron X
Feb. 15, 201101:44X2.2Eclipse XNeutron X
Feb. 18, 201110:11M6.6Sun side ○Neutron ?
Feb. 24, 201107:35M3.5Eclipse XNeutron X
Mar. 7, 201120:12M3.7Sun side ○Neutron ○
Mar. 8, 201110:44M5.3Eclipse XNeutron X
Mar. 8, 201118:28M4.4Eclipse XNeutron X
Mar. 9, 201123:23X1.5Eclipse XNeutron X
Jun. 7, 201106:30M2.5○→XNeutron ○
Jul. 30, 201102:09M9.3Sun side ○Neutron ?
Aug. 3, 201113:48M6.0Sun side ○Neutron X
Aug. 4, 201103:57M9.3Sun side ○Neutron X ?
Aug. 8, 201118:10M3.5Sun side ○Neutron ?
Aug. 9, 201103:54M2.5Sun side ○Neutron ?
Aug. 9, 201108:05X6.9Sun side ○Neutron X
Sep. 6, 201101:50M5.3Sun side ○Neutron X
Sep. 6, 201122:20X2.1Sun side ○Neutron X
Sep. 7, 201122:38X1.8Sun side ○Neutron X?
Sep. 8, 201115:46M6.7Sun side ○Neutron ○
Sep. 9, 201106:11M2.7XNeutron X
Sep. 22, 201111:01X1.4XNeutron ?
Sep. 24, 201109:40X1.9XNeutron X
Sep. 24, 201113:20M7.1Sun side ○Neutron X
Sep. 24, 201119:18M3.0Sun side ○Neutron ○
Sep. 24, 201120:36M5.8Sun side ○Neutron X
Sep. 25, 201102:33M4.4Eclipse (X○)Neutron ?
Sep. 25, 201104:50M7.4Eclipse (X○)Neutron ?
Sep. 25, 201115:33M3.7Sun side ○Neutron X
Sep. 26, 201105:08M4.0Sun side ○Neutron X
Sep. 26, 201114:45M2.6Sun side ○Neutron X
Oct. 2, 201100:50M3.9Sun side ○Neutron X
Nov. 2, 201122:01M4.3Sun side ○Neutron X
Nov. 3, 201120:27X1.9Sun side ○Neutron ○
Nov. 5, 201103:35M3.7Sun side ○Neutron X
Dec. 25, 201118:16M4.0Eclipse XNeutron X
Jan. 19, 201216:05M3.2Sun side XNeutron X
Jan. 23, 201203:59M8.7Sun side ○→XNeutron ○
Jan. 27, 201218:37X1.7Sun side ○Neutron X
Mar. 2, 201217:46M3.3Sun side ○Neutron ?
Mar. 4, 201210:45M2.0Eclipse XNeutron X
Mar. 5, 201204:05X1.1XNeutron ?
Mar. 7, 201200:24X5.4XNeutron X
Mar. 9, 201203:45M6.3Sun side ○Neutron ?
Mar. 10, 201217:50M8.4Eclipse XNeutron X
Mar. 13, 201217:25M7.8Sun side ○Neutron ?
May. 9, 201212:32M4.7Sun side ○Neutron X
May. 9, 201221:05M4.1Sun side ○Neutron X
May. 10, 201204:18M5.7Sun side ○Neutron X
May. 17, 201201:47M5.1Sun side ○Neutron X
Jul. 2, 201210:50M5.6Eclipse XNeutron X
Jul. 2, 201220:05M3.8Eclipse XNeutron X
Jul. 4, 201209:55M5.3Sun side ○Neutron X
Jul. 4, 201222:05M4.6Sun side ○Neutron X
Jul. 5, 201211:40M6.1Sun side ○Neutron X
Jul. 6, 201223:05X1.1XNeutron X
Jul. 8, 201216:30M6.9Eclipse XNeutron X
Jul. 17, 201217:15M1.7Sun side ○Neutron X
Jul. 19, 201205:58M7.7Sun side ○Neutron X