Table 2: A score table between each satellite. The numbers of solar neutron events, from first to third, represent protons induced by neutrons, the incidents of which are consistent with those coming from the Sun, low-energy events difficult to identify as solar neutrons and ambiguous events due to low energy respectively. The marks ○, Δ, and × imply that each satellite was passing over the day side (○), partial day side (Δ) or night side (×) of Earth, respectively. The event observed on September 8, 2011, was not involved in this table, because it was observed near the SAA.

ISS SEDA-FIB neutron eventHinodeRHESSIFermi-LAT

Mar. 7, 2011M3.754, 35, 28×Δ
Jun. 7, 2011M2.586, 2, 20
Sep. 24, 2011M3.027, 2, 20Δ
Nov. 3, 2011X1.942, 15, 8Δ××
Jan. 23, 2012M8.750, 14, 20××