Figure 10: distribution for AGN detected at high energies ( keV). The gray line in the (a) shows the AGN in the well-defined Swift/BAT samples in the 14–195 keV band [66], while the (b) shows the INTEGRAL sources [67] in the 17-60 keV band. Solid squares show the 15 sources detected in the ultradeep 3 Msec INTEGRAL observations of the XMM-LSS field. Solid circles mark the CT AGN detected with Swift (a) and INTEGRAL (b); the fraction is ~5%. The black solid lines show the expected AGN from the most complete AGN population synthesis model [38], which at these high fluxes has a Euclidean slope. The dashed lines mark the Euclidean slope normalized to the number of Swift and INTEGRAL CT AGN (5% of the total). The gray lower limits show the previously known transmission-dominated AGN with hard X-ray observations, not detected in the INTEGRAL or Swift surveys. These are lower limits since they were selected from pointed observations and are thus highly incomplete.