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Pulsar-Driven Jets in Supernovae, Gamma-Ray Bursts, and the Universe

Table 1

SN 1987A Event Log.


−20,000 years Rings formed
~(−2,000?) years Polar, or near-polar ejection
0 (= UT 1987, Feb. 23.316) Core-collapse of SN 1987A
days UV flash from SN 1987A
days Emergence of luminous jet
days Cooling/spreading of jet
7.8 days UV flash hits polar ejecta
8.26 days Jet impacts polar ejecta (PE)
19.8 days Pulsations clear through PE
20.8 days Jet particles clear through PE
30 days “Mystery spot” at 45 mas
38 days “Mystery spot” at 60 mas
50 days “Mystery spot” at 74 mas