Figure 6: Again the top panel shows the polar field variations during the run for the first few “field reversals,” shown with timesteps at the bottom. Thus again at the top is a Plot A graph with the three colored curves: blue, red, and black. The blue curve displays the amount and sign of the magnetic flux in the northern magnetic pole; the red curve similarly counts the mean field in the Southern polar region, and the black curve marks the Absolute Value Sum of the red and blue curves, placed 60 units downwards, for increased clarity. It essentially reaches a peak, during a solar cycle minimum. The lower panels are the field maps at these times, just prior to the complete reversal. One sees the new polar field rising from below, and the old polar field, on the verge of total annihilation. As mentioned in the text, the new fields are gradually marching to the poles. If one were to view the Sun’s limbs at these times, the border between old and new polar field would have a dark filament at high latitude, circling the poles, with the demarcation line being the old and new field boundaries.