Advances in Astronomy / 2014 / Article / Fig 18

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Chemical and Photometric Evolution Models for Disk, Irregular, and Low Mass Galaxies

Figure 18

Evolution of the radial gradient of oxygen abundance for a MWG-like galaxy (number 5 from Table 1) along the redshift compared with observations. Dots are data from Maciel et al. [136], Rupke et al. [137], Stanghellini et al. [138], Cresci et al. [58], Yuan et al. [59], Queyrel et al. [60], Jones et al. [61], and Maciel et al. [139] as labeled, while lines are simulations from Pilkington et al. [140], Gibson et al. [141], and our old model results for MWG [142], as given in the plot. For this work we have two lines, one obtained by using all the radial range and the other only for disk within the optical radius, that are shown by the short-dashed and solid lines, respectively.