Input: The strategy set , utility function ;
Output: Optimal transmission power set;
When node needs to send data to adjacent node, it queries the cumulative interference
of the destination node from the interference information table firstly, and selects a proper
transmission power level using (20) based on the cumulative interference of the destination and
the distance to the destination. The node transmits data with the selected
transmission power level ;
Based on the received signal strength and the average cumulative interference , according
to the Stackelberg Subgame Perfect Nash Equilibrium, the receiving node transmits power
emendation instruction to the interfering nodes and the sending node;
The interfering node and the sending node adjusts its transmission power to optimize its
utility function based on the received power adjust instruction.
Circulation steps and , until the two game objects’ transmit power achieve steady state.
Algorithm 2: Stackelberg-game-based power control algorithm (SGPCA).