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Identification of Protein Coding Regions in the Eukaryotic DNA Sequences Based on Marple Algorithm and Wavelet Packets Transform

Figure 2

The power spectrum density (PSD) calculated by Voss-DFT of exon and intron from the gene F56F11.4. For the symmetry characteristics, only the first half of PSD is presented. (a) The PSD of an exon with the length of 330 basepair (bp), and the nucleotide position from 2528 to 2857, and the three-base periodicity (TBP) demonstrating peak at frequency , where is the length of the exon. (b) The PSD of an intron with the length of 1612 bp, and the nucleotide position from 5644 to 7255, but there is no remarkable peak in the whole region.