The aim of this special issue is to promote research and its applications in the area of nonlinear functional analysis and applications. It will reflect theoretical research and advanced applications. One of the most important and significant areas is fixed point theory being very rich, interesting, and extremely applicable area of mathematics and mathematical sciences.

In the last three decades, the problems of nonlinear analysis with its relation to fixed point theory have emerged as a rapidly growing area of research because of its applications in differential equation, KKM theory, nonlinear ergodic theory, game theory, optimization problem, control theory, and so on. Also, the iterative methods for finding the approximate solutions of fixed point problems, variational inequality problems, equilibrium problems, optimization problems, split feasibility problems, operator equations and inclusion problems, amenability of semigroup, and convergence of iterative approximations are very important and useful.


As guest editors for this special issue, we wish to thank all those who submitted manuscripts for publication and many mathematicians who served as the reviewers. We hope that all the papers which are published in this special issue can be motivated for the development of research works of the researchers.

Jong Kyu Kim
Poom Kumam
Xiaolong Qin
Kyung Soo Kim