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Topological Methods in Analysis

Call for Papers

Topological methods have played a seminal role in functional analysis since its birth in the early twentieth century. The Baire category theorem, for example, is the bedrock on which rest such basic principles of functional analysis as the open mapping theorem and the principle of uniform boundedness. Initial (weak) topologies, compactness, and the Tikhonov theorem drive such classical results of duality theory as the Banach-Alaoglu and Krein-Milman theorems. Topological methods also play a crucial role in Banach algebra theory (Gelfand topology), harmonic analysis (locally compact groups and function spaces), differential equations (fixed point theorems and Ascoli-Arzela theorem), and nonlinear analysis (fixed point existence theorems and topological degree theory) to mention just a few. In this special volume, we invite articles dealing with any aspect of topology in analysis. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Topology in functional analysis
  • Topology in nonlinear analysis
  • Topology in harmonic analysis
  • Function spaces
  • Banach spaces
  • Topological vector spaces
  • Topological groups
  • Banach algebras
  • Dynamical systems

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