Research Article

Integrating Characterization of Smallholders’ Feeding Practices with On-Farm Feeding Trials to Improve Utilization of Crop Residues on Smallholder Farms

Table 4

Methods of improving crop residues before feeding in different production systems (%).

Production systemChopping EnsilingChemical treatmentShreddingSupplementation with concentratesSupplementation with forages

Free grazing19.4725.0018.524.8816.6718.42
Semi-zero grazing27.4327.2833.3326.8332.2926.32
Tethering and paddocking47.947.7333.8063.4145.8355.26
Zero grazing5.310.003.704.8862.500.00
Chi-square1.79 (NS)5.73 (NS)1.73 (NS)7.59 (NS)2,29 (NS)3.37 (NS)