Figure 2: Average linkage-based dendrogram showing hierarchical grouping patterns of 25 sesame accessions (C1-W5) in four clusters based on 11 major quantitative and qualitative morphophysiological traits. 1=C1, 2=C2, 3=C3, 4=C4, 5=C5, 6=K1, 7=K2, 8=K3, 9=K4, 10=K5, 11=S2, 12=S3, 13=S4, 14=S5, 15=S1. 16=T1, 17=T2, 18=T3, 19=T4, 20=T5, 21=W1, 22=W2, 23=W3, 24=W4, 25=W5.