Table 3: Description of the information collected by Agent II.


Permanent informationGenderGender
Birth dateNORA considers the year of birth

Periodic informationPersonality trait (PT)Using big five personality test [31]. PT {openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism}
Learning style (LS)Using the VARK Test [32] LS {Visual, auditory, reading-writing, tactile}

Dynamic informationEmotion in learning (EL)According to D'Mello's Study [24]. EL {anger, boredom, confusion, contempt, curious, disgust, eureka, frustration}
Emotional dimension (ED)According to Lang's Study [25]. ED is a three dimensions variable. ED = [(Pleasure = i), (Arousal = j), (Dominance = k)]. Knowing that (i, j, k) 3