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Research Article

Development of a New Intelligent Joystick for People with Reduced Mobility

Table 7

Wheelchair controls in literature.


Intrusive interfacesChen et al. [31]Head orientationTilt sensors, microprocessorGo, back, left, and right
SIAMO project [32]Eye gazeElectrodeGo, back, left, and right
Wheelesley [33]Eye gazeElectrodes (EOG)Go, back, left, and right

Nonintrusive interfacesVoiceSIAMO project [32]VoiceMicrophoneGo, back, left, and right
ROB Chair [34]VoiceHead microphoneGo, stop, speed up, speed down, and rotate
NAVChair [35]VoiceComputerGo, stop, back, left, and right
TAO project [36]VoiceMicrophoneGo, stop, back, left, right, and speed down
VisionYoshida et al. [38]FaceTow video cameraGo, stop, left, and right
HGI [37]Head & noseWebcam, data acquisition boardGo, left, right, speed up, and speed down
SIAMO [32]HeadCCD cameraGo, left, right, speed up, and speed Down
Rabhi et al. [8]HandWebcam, data acquisition boardAnalog commands
Proposed smart joystickJoystickData acquisition boardAnalog commands